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Welcome to Recruitment Registration for SIUE Panhellenic Sorority Primary Recruitment!  We are glad you have made the decision to join a sorority on SIUE's campus!

As a reminder, Panhellenic Sorority Primary Recruitment is the process to join one of SIUE's 5 PHC sororities.  More information on these 5 organizations can be found 

Joining a sorority is an amazing experience and here are just a couple areas you gain by joining a sorority:

Sisterhood: The greatest benefit of joining a sorority is gaining a network of lifelong friends.  Each of our chapters provides an environment of loving sisterhood to empower each member to be their best and fosters valuable friendships which become the cornerstone of a student's collegiate experience.

Leadership: In addition to being dedicated sorority members, our Panhellenic members are some of the most involved students on campus.  We are a community of engaged women with diverse interests and we pride ourselves on being involved.

Academic Guidelines: While the Panhellenic Council does not set or require a specific grade point average to join, all Panhellenic sororities at SIUE do set a GPA requirement for membership.  The minimum cumulative grade point average requirement to join our five Panhellenic sororities ranges between a 2.70 - 2.90.  If you choose to register for Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment and you do not have a minimum cumulative GPA that is at least a 2.70, we would encourage you to adjust your expectations regarding the number of organizations that will be able to offer you membership.

Financial Responsibility: Being a member of a Panhellenic sorority comes with a financial commitment.  While you will learn more in-depth financial information during Open House/Sisterhood Round (Thursday) of Primary Recruitment, we want to be transparent that a student who joins a Panhellenic sorority will pay anywhere from $400.00 to $941.49 during her first semester, depending on the organization.  The first semester of membership is the most expensive in terms of cost and each sorority manages finances differently; however, one common trend among all of our groups – there are payment plans available that many members take advantage of in order to pay their membership dues.

If you have any questions regarding Panhellenic Sorority Primary Recruitment, please contact Makayla Rowe Vice President of Recruitment.

If you have any general questions about 
SIUE Fraternity and Sorority Life or if you are interested in joining a historically African-American sorority or Latina-oriented sorority, please contact Andrea Keller, Associate Director for Campus Life.

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