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Before continuing through to the recruitment information please read the following statement:

The Interfraternity Council at Clemson University, in collaboration with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, is closely monitoring the COVID-19 developments and its potential impact on our spring recruitment experience. As our top priority is the safety of our potential new members and members, we will continue to make informed decisions about any changes to our recruitment process in collaboration with updates from Clemson University operations. You are encouraged to check your university email regularly as that is where any updates will be sent. 

At this time Spring 2021 Rush is planned to be hosted in-person. It is the intention of the Interfraternity Council to keep rush as an in-person event but we will monitor COVID-19 developments and adjust accordingly if necessary. Please monitor your University email as well as the IFC Website and social media (@ClemsonIFC) for the most up-to-date information. 

The following is the relevant information about IFC Spring Rush 2021:

Thank you for registering for Clemson University IFC Spring Rush 2021.  Please be sure to read through all the information below before advancing. Please also be sure to keep a check on your Clemson university email that you have listed on your registration, that is where all rush communication will be sent to. 

1.  All first-year and transfer students are eligible to participate.
2.  If you are a returning Clemson student (attended at least one semester of classes with grades), you must have a 2.7 cumulative GPA.
3.  Current Bridge Students are not able to participate.

4.  The cost of registration is $50.
5.  This cost goes towards reserving space for IFC Rush and assists with the functions of the Interfraternity Council.

6. IFC Rush will following this structure for the dates of January 16-22, 2021:

 - January 16 - Smokers 
 - January 17 - First Invite Round, Day 1 
 - January 18 - First Invite Round, Day 2
 - January 19 - First Invite Round, Day 3
 - January 20 - Final Invite Round, Day 1
 - January 21 - Final Invite Round, Day 2
 - January 22 - Bid Distribution
(More information and a description for each round can be found by visiting https://www.clemson-ifc.com/recruitment)

Pre-Rush Education Requirements

You must complete all of the Spring 2021 Pre-Rush Education Requirements in order to be eligible to participate in Rush and receive a bid. All Pre-Rush Education for Spring 2021 is presented virtually, with some sessions being on your own and others being live that you must attend as you would a class. There will be no make-up opportunities. Deadline to complete is 1/14/20 at 11:59p.m. unless otherwise noted. IF YOU COMPLETED THESE REQUIREMENTS DURING A PREVIOUS SEMESTER, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLETE THEM AGAIN. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND THE ORIENTATION SESSION AGAIN ONLY BECAUSE EACH SEMESTER IS DIFFERENT AND ORIENTATION IS THE ONLY TIME WE COVER THE SCHEDULE IN DETAIL. 

7. Anti-Hazing Education Module – Online and at your own pace. Access instructions are provided in the registration confirmation email.  

8. StepUP! Bystander Intervention – Virtual but live. All sessions will take place the week of 1/11 - 1/14. Information will be provided upon return in January.

9.  9. IFC Recruitment Orientation – Virtual but live. Orientation will take place on Sunday, January 10th from 6:00p.m. - 8:00p.m. Zoom link will be provided to registered participants in January. This will be the only orientation session, you must attend to be eligible to participate in Rush. If you have completed orientation during a previous semester, you do not have to attend again BUT you are encouraged to attend if possible because this is the only time the rush schedule is covered in detail with the entire group. 

Tucker Hipps Transparency Act and Chapter Conduct Reports
10.  Please visit the below link to review the current status of fraternity and sorority organizations with Clemson University. 
http://www.clemson.edu/campus-life/fraternity-sorority-life/conduct-reports.html. Please know that only chapters that are recognized by Clemson University are eligible to participate in recruitment and accept new members.

Bid Acceptance Rate
11.  Approximately 60% of men who participate in IFC Recruitment receive a bid.
12.  Registering for rush does not guarantee you a bid.

Alcohol in IFC Rush
13.  Student Organizations are not allowed to have alcohol at their recruitment events.  Recruitment events prior to and during rush week must be alcohol-free.  Organizations and individuals who choose to utilize alcohol during recruitment may lead to their organization being suspended from Clemson University and students may face individual conduct charges. This includes virtual events. 

Verification of Registration for IFC Rush
14. You should receive a confirmation email immediately upon completing your registration. If you do not, please email jstric9@clemson.edu.  
If you do not pay the registration fee and meet the eligibility requirements, you will not be allowed to participate.

16. IFC Director of Recruitment: Tatum Gressette (ifcrecruitment@g.clemson.edu)
17. Associate Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life: Joe Strickland (jstric9@clemson.edu)
18. For more information regarding the IFC Fraternities at Clemson University or the Rush process, visit the Clemson IFC Website (www.clemson-ifc.com).

For Smokers, individuals are encouraged to dress business casual (weather appropriate). For invitation rounds, business casual is encouraged unless the specific chapter you are attending provides a different attire request. 

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