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Hey There Lakers!

On behalf of the GVSU Panhellenic Executive Board, we are so very excited to have you join our fantastic sisterhood! We know that the transition to college is a huge one filled with questions and new experiences, so why not add sorority recruitment? Whether you're a freshman beginning your college journey or a transfer student seeking connections on campus, joining a sorority can be an experience that enriches your college years in countless ways. Joining a sorority allows you to make connections with fellow collegiate women, who have or are experiencing many of the same transitions, who can help guide you through this new stage in life. 

This community is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and empowering environment where every member can grow personally, academically, and socially. When you become a member of the Panhellenic community you are provided with tons of opportunities that can help to advance your future. Joining a sorority can provide you with experiences that will positively impact your life and help you to create the best college experience. 

I know that joining a large student organization like Panhellenic sororities may seem daunting, it did to me in 2021, but it is also the most exciting. When I went through recruitment I was looking for a home away from home. I wanted to branch out from my dorm and connect with older students who could answer my many questions about college. All nine of the fantastic chapters here on GVSU’s campus welcomed me with open arms and gave me a small insight into what sorority life and sisterhood could be. 

In a sorority, new college friends turn to family and surround you with a strong community to lean on, even in the hardest of times. These chapters are all devoted to empowerment and betterment, whether it be in academics, friendship, service or leadership. We hope that you will take this opportunity to connect with other women, build meaningful relationships, and make lifelong memories.

Illy Taylor 

2024 Vice President of Recruitment

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