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Hello & Hotty Toddy!

Please be sure to read through this page in its entirety, as there is important information to consider.

First, we are so excited to know that you are interested in IFC 2022 Fall Formal Recruitment.
Please note, this registration is for IFC 2022 IFC Fall Formal Recruitment . If you are looking for Panhellenic Sorority Primary Recruitment registration, please click here. If you are looking for information about NPHC fraternity Intake, please click here. 

In a moment when you begin your IFC Fall Formal Recruitment registration, you may notice that the registration page does not ask for some basic information. Because you will have just entered your University of Mississippi Web ID and password, information from your University record will later be generated into your IFC Fall Formal Recruitment account. Please be advised that the following information will not be asked of you, but will be generated automatically from the information on file with the University:

       Student ID Number

       First and Last Name

       Date of Birth

       University of Mississippi Email Address

       Cell Phone Number




       Hometown City & State

       University of Mississippi Progression (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Year)

       Highest ACT Score

       Highest SAT Score

       Highest Revised SAT Score

       High School

       High School Cumulative GPA

       High School Core GPA

       High school Graduation Year

       Collegiate Credit Hours Taken After High School

       University of Mississippi Web ID

       Overall College GPA (Including Transfer Grades)

       Overall College GPA Taken After High School (Including Transfer Grades)

       Residential Building Name (this will be incomplete until you check into your residence hall in the Fall)

       Residential Building Room Number (this will be incomplete until you check into your residence hall in the Fall)

       Previous College Name

       Previous College City & State

       Any University of Mississippi Disciplinary Record

       University of Mississippi Academic Standing (including Partnership Program status)

Please note, if you notice any error in the information generated in your Fall Formal Recruitment registration, contact Admissions to correct your University file. There are certain fields that you will be able to edit by logging into your account and selecting “Edit Account.” You can edit certain fields, such as Preferred Name or Legacy information at any time.

Remember to refer to the email confirmation you will receive after your registration is complete, as it includes important dates and information.

To move on to the next page, please be sure to have your University of Mississippi Web ID & password. Additionally, you will be asked to upload a picture of yourself and a current resume. Resources on resume building can be found here. Finally, you will also need to provide payment at the end of the registration process for your registration to be complete.

Students must have a 2.75 GPA on a 4.0 scale to participate in IFC 2022 Fall Formal Recruitment, to receive a Bid, and to be initiated into an IFC fraternity. 

As a reminder, you are about to register for IFC Fall Formal Recruitment. 

Ashton William Heath
Vice President of Recruitment, Interfraternity Council

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