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Spring Formal Recruitment Schedule: 

Saturday (1/23): Virtual Kickoff Event
- PNMs will attend a Zoom kickoff session beginning at 4 PM eastern time. They will have the chance to listen to presentations from all of Miami's fraternities as well as the Interfraternity Council. 

Sunday (1/24): Chapter Outreach 

- PNMs will select up to six chapters they're interested in after the kickoff event concludes. Chapters will receive lists of all interested PNMs on Sunday morning and they will begin to reach out to them. Bids may be extended beginning at 5 PM.

Monday (1/25) to Saturday (1/30): Continued Connections

- Throughout the week, chapters will continue to reach out to PNMs and form connections. Chapters may use virtual types of communication as well as inviting PNMs to Uptown establishments for food and activities. 

Please continue to check Campus Director for important information and updates regarding recruitment.

Should you have any questions about your registration form or the formal recruitment process, please contact Bobby Burk, IFC Vice President for Recruitment, at burkrj@miamioh.edu. 

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