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Registration for Fraternity recruitment is free and not binding! You must be registered to receive a bid but you are not guaranteed to receive a bid or bound to this process at all. Ultimately registration is to get to know you better and for our office to send you information on all recruitment (not rush) processes! 

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Please upload a 1-2 minute testimonial video that tells the fraternities why you want to be apart of our community! ( this should be appropriate as many people will be able to view)

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Hello University of New Hampshire Fraternity Potenitial New Member (Please read this whole e-mail):

Thank you for registering that you are interested in being apart of the vibrant Fraternity community at the University of New Hampshire. By signing up, you will recieve e-mails with information on our fraternities, have the ablility to recieve a bid to one of our 12 Fraternities, and be in our system for Fraternities to view that you are interested in potentially being in a Fraternity. 

Please note that by registering this does not guarentee that you will be given a bid to any organization, but it is the first step towards it! All of our organizations will have recruitment events that are both open and closed and it is up to you which organizations you choose to attend. Due to COVID-19 many of the groups may have events that are hosted online or in small groups that follow CDC and University requirements. Please reach out to the IFC and/ or chapter recruitment chairs if any group is not following health and safety guidelines. 

The Interfraternity Council ( the governing board made up with current students in fraternity life) and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life encourage you to visit as many fraternity organizations as you wish to really guage which is the right fit for you. 

We have 12 recognized social organizations at UNH: (Click the link for information)
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Alpha Gamma Rho: https://www.instagram.com/alphagammarho_unh/?hl=en

Alpha Tau Omega: https://www.instagram.com/unh_ato/ 

Alpha Sigma Phi: https://www.instagram.com/unh_alphasig/?hl=en 

Kappa Sigma: https://www.instagram.com/unhkappasigma/?hl=en

Lambda Chi Alpha:https://www.instagram.com/lambdachi_unh/?hl=en

Phi Mu Delta:https://www.instagram.com/pmdunh/

Sigma Beta:https://www.instagram.com/sigmabetafraternity/

Sigma Chi:https://www.instagram.com/sigmachiunh/

Sigma Nu:https://www.instagram.com/unh_sigmanu/?hl=en

Sigma Alpha Epsilon:https://www.instagram.com/unhsae/?hl=en

Tau Kappa Epsilon:https://www.instagram.com/unh_tke/

Theta Chi:https://www.instagram.com/thetachiunh/?hl=en

In addition to recieving e-mails from this platform regarding Fraternity Recruitment, by signing up you may recieve e-mails from chapters to give you additional information on their organizaiton and events/ interviews. 

All Fraternity recruitment events ( whether in person or online) are about getting to know if you, potential new member, is fit for their organization academically and based on their individual values. Each organization has a minimum standard that they uphold so please go to as many events as possible to learn more about each chapter! As a potential new member you have an opportunity to get up to 12 bids and you decide which chapter you feel is the best fit for you. Please note UP TO 12, as some men will not recieve a bid to our community. 

Should you have any initial questions or concerns please reach out to our Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisor: Jamie Silverstein at jamie.silverstein@unh.edu or our IFC recruitment chair: Donnie Kornse at dcd39@wildcats.unh.edu .

Thank you, 

The Interfraternity Council & Jamie

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