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Thank you for registering for IFC Spring Recruitment

We are now in the Open Bidding Period. Open Bidding lasts until the end of March. 

Below is a list of every chapter's recruitment chairmen. Don't be afraid to contact them!

Delta Chi:Cameron Rouselle:404-444-5306
Kappa Sigma:Dawson Scott:517-455-6820
Phi Sigma Pi:Anna Chitwood: 937-346-7455
Phi Delta Theta:Chandler Barkley: 770-533-2662
Lambda Theta Phi:Mariano Morin:MAMORI7755@ung.edu
Pi Kappa Phi:David Hicks:404-345-5966
Sigma Chi:Davis Crenshaw:770-828-9721
Sigma Nu:Will Peninger:770-670-8351

If you have any questions, reach out to the IFC VP of Recruitment: Ammar Arif

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