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Welcome to Fraternity Recruitment
at the University of Rhode Island

Thank you for considering Fraternity Recruitment at the University of Rhode Island.

Please read this information before registering:
All future emails will go to the email you register with and if spelled wrong, you might miss important messages. If you are first year or transfer student, please wait until you attend orientation and set up your URI email address to register for recruitment. 
Registration opens January 3rd, 2024 and costs $25.
You will need a credit or debit card to complete the registration. 

Event Dates
IFC Community Pre-Recruitment Events
The following events are not required but encouraged so you can meet chapters & other students
Freek Day/Meet the Greeks: Tuesday, January 23rd in Memorial Union

Potential New Member Orientation
: Monday Janurary 29th 6-8 pm in Chafee
At this event, you will be able to hear a brief presentation from every fraternity about their chapter and their upcoming recruitment events 

Spring 2024 Fraternity Recruitment will take place from January 23rd - February 11th with Fraternity Bid Day on February 11th. Some fraternities may choose to continue to recruit new members following Bid Day for the following 1-2 weeks, also called Rolling Recruitment. Please register for recruitment to be eligible to recieve a bid by February 11th so bids can be distributed through this software.  Bid offers are not distributed until February 11th verbally by the chapter and then you will be able to formally accept your offer through the software here. If you receive a bid from more than 1 organization, you will have to choose only 1 to accept from as you can only be a member of 1 fraternity. 

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Instagram: @uri_ifc & @uri_greeklife
Website: web.uri.edu/greek

How Does Fraternity Recruitment & Fraternity New Member Processes Work?

Each Fraternity hosts their own individual recruitment events during the beginning of each semester for about 3 weeks, which includes open and invite only events conducted by each fraternity. Some of the open events our chapters host include meet the brothers, basketball, wing night, poker, and many more just to give an example. Closed events will include 1:1 interviews and smaller numbers of potential new members as chapter begin to make invitation, or bidding, decisions. Chapters may most in-person and/or virtual events. Alcohol is not permitted to be possessed, consumed or distrubuted at any recruitment event regardless of age. 

Potential New Members will pursue chapters by attending their recruitment events and getting to know members & the organization at the events. We recommend potential new members keep an open mind, and check out as many fraternities as possible in the beginning and begin to narrow in on 1-3 chapters once you have attended more and more recruitment events to chapters you are most interested in. Keeping an open mind and meeting with as many fraternties strengthens your opportunity to find an organization that is a best fit for you & the chapter. 

Recruitment ends with Bid Day in which chapters will first begin extending bids to potential new members. Following Bid Day, chapters may continue recruiting and extending bids until the end of the semester, so there are always opportunities to join an IFC Fraternity outside of the traditional recruitment period. 

Fraternity new member processes will begin after Bid Day for 6-8 weeks, wrapping up by Thanksgiving Break in the fall and early to mid April in the spring. During this time, new members (chapters may also use the term pledges or associate members) will learn about the organization's national history, leadership positions in the organization & attend chapter events learning about and experiencing brotherhood, philanthropy, risk management, health & wellness and leadership, as well as attending URI's Greek 101 program in October. Hazing, Alcohol & Drug Abuse is not tolerated in ANY fraternity new member process or any program at the University of Rhode Island per the URI Student Handbook and each of our 16 inter/national fratenities. 

If you have questions or concerns about any of these topics or policies, please reach out to: 
URI Office of Greek Affairs 
34 Lower College Rd, Kingston, RI 02881
Dr. Steve Simo, Assistant Dean- Student Engagement

Acknowledgement of Fraternity Obligations & Expectations 
Fraternity Membership comes with a number of obligations expected by the local chapter, national organization, house corporation, the Interfraternity Council & the University of Rhode Island. The following list covers most of the expectations fraternity members are expected to uphold during their membership: 
- Academic Expectations for Semester & Cumulative GPA - 
- Semester Membership Dues from $400-$800 per semester -
- Housing & Living in Requirements in Chapter Facilities (if applicable) - 
- Attendance Expectations at Chapter Events - 
- Behavior & Conduct Standards - 
- Community Service Hours & Fundraising for Philanthropic Charities & Causes -

Read through the IFC Recruitment Booklet to learn more about our fraternity chapters, dues, housing programming & the Greek community we have here at URI. 

If you have any questions about joining a fraternity or the fraternity new member process at URI please outreach directly to us:
Jayson Hutchinson, IFC Director of Recruitment, recruitment.ifc.ri@gmail.com 
Mike Patatanes, IFC Director of New Member & Academic Affairs, newmembered.ifc.ri@gmail.com 
Nate Goulart, IFC President, president.ifc.ri@gmail.com

Parents or Family Members with Questions? 
Email our Assistant Director of Greek Affairs at alison_burke@uri.edu

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